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About The Martian War


Now, you're probably wondering what this mod is about, where it came from, and what is the story behind it.

My initial ideas for this mod came into being late last year (2006), after many failed modding attempts with games other than Zero Hour. Over the course of the next few months, I jumped from one idea to the next, setting the background, determining the time period this would take place in, and drafting a coherent story.

The story is this: It's the year 2440, Mars is heavily populated, while Earth isn't, having been wiped out by a nuclear war two centuries earlier. The two primary superpowers of Mars both realize that the only solution to their ever-growing populations is to colonize Earth, a world that is a mere shell of itself following a nuclear war 200 years ago.

But let us discuss that war.


Our story begins in the year 2198, with the German Revoultion. The German government had been restricting the freedoms of its people for some time - this all came to a conclusion with the issue of the Schutzaussage, which restricted all non-approved forms of entertainment and limited free speech and assembly. For the next few months, riots broke out across the country, and the German government was overthrown.

In its place, a new government was established, led by these ambitious rebels. They transformed Germany into an imperialistic superpower, like it was in the 19th and 20th centuries. Under the name "Prussian Confederation," this new German state conquered Eastern Europe, as far as the western edge Russia and the northern edge of Greece. Yet the world did nothing to stop this. By the 2230's, the Prussian Confederation was engaged in a war with Russia.

The Germans did not manage to conquer Russia, but their state continued on in their conquest. In the year 2243, German armored units rolled over the border of France on a path to Paris. The traditional blitzkreig-style tactics of the Germans was supplanted by the dropping of tactical nuclear weapons on Paris, to destroy key industrial and military targets. The French had responded likewise with their own tactical nukes. But the nuclear warfare did not stop. Next came the strategic nukes, and within weeks, France and the heartland of the Prussian Confederation were transformed into nuclear wastelands. Other nations suffered, as well. France's allies were attacked. Russia, Britain, and other allied nations around the world suffered the sting of nuclear weapons. Even the United States, which chose to sit this conflict out, was hit with a dozen large-yield nukes.

All the powers involved in the war were destroyed by the intense nuclear warfare. And even those not involved were affected by the onset of the long-lasting nuclear winter caused by the war. Almost everyone on the planet would die.

But humanity had managed to get off of Earth, well before this war. For almost 200 years, humans had a permenant presence on Mars. By the time World War III broke out, nearly 200 million humans were settled on Mars. Mars was well on its way to being completely terraformed, but the people of Mars were still partially dependent on Earth. Famine, war, and chaos broke out as people soon realized that these colonies could not completely sustain themselves. For 50 years, a period that is now defined as the First Martian War (MWI) ravaged Mars and drastically altered borders. Out of the chaos emerged two superpowers.

On one hand was the Yukavaran Federation. It started as a union of colonies during MWI that merged their borders following the war. While smaller than the other superpower, it has long been considered the most technologically advanced of all the nations of Mars.

The other superpower is the Greater Renauvan Empire. When the First Martian War occurred, some of Mars's more wealthy individuals used their wealth to make themselves the rulers of what were once democratic colonies. Most of these merged after the war. It is the largest nation on Mars, and its large population and mandatory military service give it a powerful - and advanced - military.

Two more Martian Wars followed, shaping these nations into the entities they are today. It has been almost 60 years since the last Martian War, and the economies of both nations are booming. Their populations are expanding at record rates, and plans have been devised by both sides to sieze new land and resource for their growing populations. These plans have one central goal in mind: the invasion of Earth. On December 27th, 2439, these two superpowers met once again in combat as their plans to invade Earth conflicted. Soon after, the Fourth Martian War broke out.

And that's the story. In addition to a rich backstory, The Martian War will introduce over 40 new units to C&C Generals: Zero Hour and change its gameplay by making units more mobile and placing more emphasis on fast assaults rather than base-building. The mod will also feature a full soundtrack.



Copyright © 2007 Adam Wozniak