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Going Online

  Posted 9.3.2007 by Stormzarel

I'm proud to announce the official opening of the website for The Martian War, a mod for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour. But what is The Martian War about?

The story is this: In the mid-23rd century, World War III finally became a reality. While the war lasted merely a month, the effects were devastating. Because of the thousands of nuclear weapons used in the opening rounds of the war, a long-lasting nuclear winter set in... Almost everyone died. But one last bastion of humanity remained - a handful of colonies on the partially terraformed planet of Mars. Following this war, the Martian colonies declared their independence. But because the regular supply shipments from Earth had halted, the colonies fell into a state of decay and struggled to make end's meet. World war and famine were problems for the next 50 years. However, out of the chaos emerged two superpowers - the Yukavaran Federation and the Greater Renauvan Empire. Another two globe-spanning wars were fought by these two powers and others. Following the end of the Third Martian War, Mars' population boomed, and resources were used at record rates. With this in mind, both the Yukavarans and Renauvans devised plans to re-settle the Earth. It would be a small conflict on Earth between these two nations that would spark a war spanning two worlds - the Fourth Martian War.

That, in a nutshell, is what leads up to the conflict that this mod will cover. In addition to an interesting storyline, expect over forty new units from two new factions, a new soundtrack, and (maybe) new cutscenes.

For now, though, enjoy the unit renders that I've created for the K-109 Wolf interceptor, Charon APC, Hellfire Hover MLRS, and I-38 Vulture interceptor. You can find them in the image gallery.




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